“What kind of work do you do?”
– I am a certified dog behaviourist specialized in fearful, reactive and aggressive behaviour in dogs.
I will help you find a successful resolution for any unwanted behaviour responses that your dog might be showing within the three categories mentioned above. Be that towards other dogs, other people, or yourself. All my work is based on positive methods and I will not under any circumstances use choke chains, prong collars or e-collars to train a dog. Or any other punitive methods for that matter.

“How can I book with you?”
– Simply use the form provided in the page “Contact Now” and I will get back to you through email with more information related to the booking process.

“Do you work weekdays or weekends?”
– Both. I am available to meet clients both on weekdays and weekends.

“How can I pay for your services?”
– Payments are completed through bank transfer to the details provided during the booking process.

“Where do we meet for the training sessions?”
– Training sessions can be held at a public park, at the client’s home, or at a secured field depending on the dog’s behaviour issue(s). The location is arranged beforehand when scheduling the training sessions.

“How many training sessions does my dog need to resolve the behaviour issue(s)?”
– The number of sessions needed varies in each case and it is not possible to predict beforehand the duration of any training process. There are many factors involved in a training process both on the dog and human side of the process. For this reason, it is virtually impossible to make an honest prediction. 

“Where can I find more information about your work?”
– You can find more about my work in my facebook page @ricardoministrocb where you can find articles, photos and videos based on the work I do with dogs.

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