Is your Dog showing Fearful, Reactive, or Aggressive Behaviour?

Who I am

My name is Ricardo Ministro and I am a certified Dog Behaviourist specialised in Fearful, Reactive and Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs. I know how hard it can be for these dogs and their human families to live happy lives. That is why I do what I do, provide Solutions for Dogs showing Fearful, Reactive and Aggressive Behaviour.

What I do

My priority is one: You and Your Dog.

I will teach you What to do, How, and When.
So that You, and Your Dog, can have a better Life Together.

How I do it

All my work is based in positive and science-based methods which will not harm your Dog physically or mentally. I believe in Trust and Cooperation between Humans and Dogs and will not under any circumstances use any abusive methods with you or your Dog.